ichijiku enema 20  20g 2pieces For school age children with constipation Children 6 ~ 11 years of age ichijiku enema 20



ichijiku enema 20 20g 2 pieces included

Ingredients, Amounts

Each tube (20g) contains
Glycerin (compliant with Japanese Pharmacopoeia Regulations)…10.00g
Additive…Contains Benzalkonium Chloride
Solvent…Pure water

Dosage and Administration

AgeDosage and Administration
Children 6~11 years of age1 enema for single use (20g), inject directly into the rectum.
If one enema does not produce effect, inject the same amount again.

Precautions for dosage and administration

  1. Strictly observe the dosage and administration.
  2. After injection, stay for a while until you feel a strong urge to have a bowel movement.
    (If you try to defecate shortly after injection, the drug may be expelled, and no effect be obtained.)
  3. For children, use under the supervision of their guardians.
  4. Do not force enema tip into rectum as this may cause injury in rectal mucosa.
  5. In winter, warm the enema to body temperature in warm water (around 40°C) to decrease discomfort.
  6. For external use only. Do not ingest.


1. Remove cap

After removing cap, insert nozzle into deeper part of anus.

ノズル ここまで入れる

2. Inject enema

Squeeze the container, and slowly inject the enema.

3. Hole it in for a short while

It is recommended that you wait for 3~10 minutes until the urge for bowel movement becomes strong, and then defecate.


A smooth circular curve designed nozzle tip.

Each container is inspected with a camera from various directions, and then further inspected manually one-by-one before filling. Only nozzles compliant with our inspection standards will be processed into our final products.

with microscope (40X)

Nozzle Length

ichijiku enema 20
about 2.5 cm

ichijiku enema 20  20g 2pieces  For constipated children from 6-11 years old  Age of 6 to 11

Purchase ichijiku enema

They can be purchased from pharmacies and drug stores in Japan or online stores below.

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