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  • Founder of ichijiku enema®,
    first president of ICHIJIKU Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Development History

ichijiku enema® was first formulated by Dr. Hatasaburo Tamura in 1925 when he was practicing medicine in Hirakawa-Bashi, Tokyo. Meanwhile, constipation was a major cause of various pediatric illnesses such as fever, cramps, etc. As Dr. Tamura worked round the clock administering urgent care to his patients, he would inject 50% glycerin in an aqueous solution as an enema with a round syringe. In the hopes of alleviating more children of their distress, Dr. Tamura developed ichijiku Brand Light Enema, later known as ichijiku enema®, after 8 years of research. Initially the enemas were sold in celluloid containers, but from 1953 until now, polyethylene containers with almost the same design as the original have been used instead.

Product History